Mold On The Ceiling: How Roofing Contractors Can Help

Most people know that mold is bad, but many do not realize how it gets there in the first place. Mold is always bad news, but did you know that it indicates you should be calling a roofing contractor right away? Water and mold issues worsen over time, and you may find that your home is in danger. If you see mold on your ceiling, you need to get in touch with a roofing worker right away.

Does Hot Weather Affect My Roof?

As the primary source of protection between your family and the outdoor elements, your roof stands up to a lot of abuse. It shields you from the sun, wind, and rain (not to mention the overly curious squirrel), and can last a really long time. Since it protects you, you'll want to make sure you protect it as well. Of all the possible elements that can damage your roof, hot weather is one of the more subtle.

The Repair And Maintenance Needs Of Slate Roofing For A Long-Lasting Roof

Slate roofing can be some of the most elegant roofing materials, and the tiles are durable. Even though slate roofs are durable, they wear and eventually need to have some repairs done. Slate tiles will also require maintenance as part of the upkeep of your roof to prevent wear and damage. The following slate repair and maintenance information will help you take care of the needs of your roof: Defects in slate that show with wear

3 Things To Know About Getting A New Roof

If the roof on your house was new when you moved in, you may be dealing with a roof replacement for the first time. Getting a new roof can be a big undertaking, and you'll have a lot of decisions to make, especially if you want to change the color of your roof or switch roofing materials. Here are three things to know about getting a new roof. 1. A Permit And Inspection May Be Required

Roofing Repairs Your Concrete Roof Might Need When Tiles Are Cracked Or Broken

A concrete roof can last for several decades, but it's important to check the roof occasionally so cracked and chipped tiles can be repaired before your roof has water damage. Here's a look at some damage you might find on your concrete tile roof and the roofing repairs that could be needed to keep your roof in good shape and give it a long life. Common Types Of Roofing Tile Damage