Why Asphalt Shingles Still Deserve A Spot In The Roofing World

Years ago, when slate roofing and cedar shakes were the standard, asphalt roofing was an exciting new product in the roofing world. But these days, there are other roofing materials that are more durable and weather-resistant than asphalt shingles. Tile is less likely to blow away in a storm. Metal roofs last significantly longer. So, does this mean that asphalt shingles are on the verge of becoming obsolete? Not at all!

Choosing A Material For Your Flat Roof

Flat roofing has become an increasingly popular choice for commercial and residential properties. Not only does it provide a sleek, modern aesthetic, but it also offers several practical benefits, including energy efficiency and low maintenance costs. However, the quality of the flat roofing largely depends on the material used. Built-Up Roofing Built-up roofing is a traditional and widely used flat roofing material. It consists of multiple layers of roofing felts and bitumen alternated with hot asphalt or coal tar pitch.

Telltale Signs That Your Roof Needs Immediate Repair

Damaged or missing shingles, water stains on the ceiling, and a sagging roof are all signs that your roof may need repair. But there are other less obvious and more difficult-to-detect indications that your roof needs serious attention. Here are some telltale signs that you should look out for.  Granule Buildup in the Gutters  Granule buildup in the gutters is among the most reliable methods for determining whether your roof has suffered damage.

Has Your Roof Sustained Storm Damage? Why You Shouldn't Wait For The Repairs

If your roof sustained damage during a recent storm, it's time to take care of the repairs. Waiting too long to take care of the repairs could create bigger problems for you. Unfortunately, bigger problems come with bigger repair costs. That's why you need to add roof repairs to the top of your to-do list. Here are four reasons to take care of winter roof damage as soon as you can.

When To Consider Replacing The Roof On Your House

Residential roof replacements typically become necessary between twenty-five and fifty years after the original roof installation. Many different things can affect how long your roof will last, but the best way to determine the condition and life expectancy of the roof is to have a roof inspection every few years.  Roof Age  If your home's roof is more than twenty years old, it is a good idea to have it inspected for damage, leaks, or wear that you can't see.