5 Causes Of Balding Shingles

Balding shingles is a phenomenon where the protective layer of gravel on the surface of asphalt shingles comes loose. You can often spot the signs of balding from the ground, as gravel will build up in gutters or along the dripline under the eaves of your roof. Without this gravel, your shingles aren't properly waterproofed and they will be prone to leaks.  1. Age Age is the number one reason for shingle balding.

Flat Roof Questions? What Homeowners Need to Know to Remain Leak Free

While far less common than slopes or peaks, many existing or newly built homes continue to use flat roofing materials on all or part of the structure. Newer homes are more likely to use more durable flat roofing materials made from ethylene propylene diene monomers, commonly called EPDMS or rubber membranes, however, older homes are more likely to have built-up roofs, sometimes called BUR flat roofs. These are comprised of layers of hot tar and small stones to achieve a watertight surface.

Tips for Having a Roof Replaced on a City Home

City living can be quite different from country living, but city homes still have roofs! If you need to have your roof replaced, however, there are a few intricacies to the process that are a bigger deal in the city than in the country. As such, you will want to follow these tips when getting a roof replacement. 1. Figure out where the dumpster can be placed. In the city, homes don't tend to have huge yards and driveways where a roofing company can place a dumpster.

The Homeowners' Guide to Metal Roof Repairs

It is a durable material if you have metal roofing, but it may still need occasional repairs. Therefore, you want to know what issues to look for to know when you need metal roofing repairs. Some of the issues can be due to worn seals, wind damage, or other problems. The following metal roofing repair guide will ensure the minor problems don't cause severe damage to your home. Storm Damage to Metal Roofing

A PVC Roof Might Be The Right Choice For Your Restaurant

PVC roofing is a good choice for a restaurant. One reason PVC is often chosen for restaurants is that PVC can tolerate exposure to oils and fats that escape your ventilation system. Plus, PVC roofing comes in colors such as white, tan, gray, green, and brown so it has an attractive appearance on your building. Here's a look at how this type of commercial roofing is installed. PVC Roofing Can Cover An Old Roof