4 Times To Consider Getting A New Roof When Your Current Roof Is Showing Its Age

If your roof is getting old, you know you'll have to replace it before long. Making the decision to get a new roof can be difficult since a lot of money is involved. You want to get as much life out of your old roof as possible, but sometimes, it's not worth the risk to keep an old roof if it's vulnerable to leaking or other issues. Here are four times to consider getting a new roof.

1. Before The Spring Or Winter Storm Season

Your old roof might be fine when the weather is calm and sunny. However, winter is hard on roofs, and if yours is already near the end of its life, it might not survive a harsh winter. The same is true with a rainy season when there are frequent bad storms. A good time to get a new roof is before storm season or winter begins so you have a solid and strong roof to ride out a long stretch of bad weather.

2. When There Is Widespread Damage

You can keep your roof going for a long time by having repairs done as shingles crack or fall off. However, when damage to your roof is widespread, replacing it is probably the best way to deal with the problem. For instance, your roof could sustain a lot of damage during a storm with hail. As such, many shingles might have dents and cracks that repairs aren't practical.

3. When Most Of The Ceramic Granules Are Gone

If you've ever seen an asphalt shingle up close, you've probably noticed they're covered with tiny granules. These granules are important because they protect the shingles from UV damage. Unfortunately, the shingles shed over the life of your roof.

When your roof gets old, many of the granules will be gone and then the sun will accelerate aging of the roof. The shingles could get brittle and crack more easily. When there aren't enough granules for adequate protection of your roof, it's probably time to have a new roof put on so you're not surprised by multiple roof leaks.

4. When Your Roof Is Leaking

When your roof is old and leaky, call a roofing contractor to take a look at it. The roofer will let you know if it's a good idea to repair the leaky area or if a new roof is needed. Your decision might depend on the expense since replacing a few shingles doesn't cost much, but replacing a rotted deck might be more than you want to do for a roof that's old and needs to be replaced anyway. 

Contact a roof company for more information on when it is time to get a new roof