3 Signs You Need To Have Your Windows Replaced

An old house definitely comes with its fair share of charming features. While you may love the old doors and windows on your old house, it may be time to bite the bullet and have at least the windows replaced. Here are a few of the biggest signs that it's time to spend money on a window replacement.  Window Drafts On a windy day, can you feel air coming in through your windows?

Smart Precautions Homeowners Can Take When Searching For Roof Contractors

If there is a major problem with your roof and it requires help from a roofing contractor, you have a lot of options. You can narrow them down and choose wisely if you take these precautions.  Talk to Multiple Roofers Early on in the search process, it's important to not narrow in on one particular roofing contractor just yet. You need to take a wider approach — at least initially — until you can find out more about their services.

FAQs About Vinyl Siding

Choosing the type of siding you want for your home is an important decision, and it is not uncommon for vinyl to climb up to the top of the list as a viable option. Here is a look at some of the things most people want to know about vinyl siding.  1. Is it true that vinyl siding is the cheapest exterior cladding? Vinyl can be one of the most affordable siding options; that is the truth.

Need New Rain Gutters? Follow These Tips

Rain gutters are an under-appreciated part of your home. They collect water that runs off the roof and directs that water into the yard. This protects your roof, and it also protects your home's foundation as it ensures water doesn't drip down the side of the home to the foundation. Since gutters are so important, you need to take the time to think and plan before replacing them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare to replace your gutters.

What You Need to Know About Flat Commercial Roofs and Drainage

A lot of commercial structures have flat roofs, which are great for large buildings that consist of thousands of square feet. Flat commercial roofs may not offer the same water drainage that conventional pitched roofs do, but they are able to dispel rainwater if they are designed properly. As a commercial building owner, the best thing that you can do is to understand the way flat roofs work and how you can detect signs of a problem so that you can prevent potential moisture damage and costly repairs down the road.