A Quick Guide to Trim & Flashing Options for Metal Roofs

When installing a metal roof, you need to choose the material you use, as well as the trim that goes around the edge and completes the look. Here's a guide for choosing trim and flashing options.  Styles of Roof Trim There are multiple different styles and types of roof trim that you can use on your metal structure. It is important to be aware of all your options because the type of roof trim that you use really depends upon the structure of your roof and your home.

Home Roof Ideas To Keep A Maintained And Long-Lasting Roof

Your home's roof can take a great deal of wear and tear from wind, rain, and sun and still last many decades. However, if you use the wrong care or neglect specific areas of your roof, you will end up with a roof that is lacking in areas and results in moisture damage to the inside of your home. Here are some ideas and recommendations you can use to ensure you have a maintained roof and long-lasting protection.

What Type Of Commercial Roofing Material Is Right For My Business?

Whether you're looking to replace your existing commercial roofing or install one for the first time, one of the first things you'll need to consider is which type of material will protect your business the best. While most homes can get away with composite shingles or even wood for their homes, commercial roofing is all about efficiency and durability with a dose of style on the side. Below are some of the most common types of commercial roofing materials on the market today.

Mold On The Ceiling: How Roofing Contractors Can Help

Most people know that mold is bad, but many do not realize how it gets there in the first place. Mold is always bad news, but did you know that it indicates you should be calling a roofing contractor right away? Water and mold issues worsen over time, and you may find that your home is in danger. If you see mold on your ceiling, you need to get in touch with a roofing worker right away.

Does Hot Weather Affect My Roof?

As the primary source of protection between your family and the outdoor elements, your roof stands up to a lot of abuse. It shields you from the sun, wind, and rain (not to mention the overly curious squirrel), and can last a really long time. Since it protects you, you'll want to make sure you protect it as well. Of all the possible elements that can damage your roof, hot weather is one of the more subtle.