How Should You Maintain Your Roof Now That Winter Is Over?

With the warm weather of spring finally upon us, you might be looking at all the home improvement projects that you need to do outside. One thing that you should not ignore is roof maintenance. Here are a couple of things to look at and potentially do after winter is over with. Clean Your Roof It's possible that your roof is now visibly dirty after going through the winter season. Cleaning a roof is easy to do, but it requires the right tools for the job.

Tired of Fixing Your Old Roof? Top Reasons to Choose Tile

The key to having a home you'll love is by ensuring it is safe and functional. You may need to replace your roof if you feel it's not working as well as it should. There are many benefits of using tile to assist you in your efforts. Taking the time to learn why you may want to choose this material for your home is vital. 1. Tile is resistant to many things

Four Services To Get With Your Roof Replacement

Certain services are expected with a roof replacement. Others are optional but can be added on at a low cost if they are done during the new installation process. The following are four of the most important of these services that you need to make sure are part of your roof installation package. 1. Flashing Replacement Flashing is the metal strips that are placed around chimneys or as a seal down the valleys in the roof.

Roofing Installation: What You Should Expect

Roofs often need to be replaced after several decades. The timeframe will depend on the type of roofing material, but asphalt, which is the most popular material, generally requires replacement after roughly 20 years. If it is not replaced, the asphalt shingles will deteriorate, leak, and allow moisture to reach the roof deck, leading to structural issues. The installation of a roof is a huge task and can be quite the stressful event, particularly if you have never experienced it.

Is A Small Roof Leak Really Small?

The sounds of small, little drips inside your walls might not raise alarms with many homeowners. Severe leaks that tear through yellow watermarks in the ceiling, however, grab attention. "Severe" leaks aren't the only ones to cause concern, though. Assuming that a small leak is small without performing an inspection could one day deliver a terrible surprise. The truth here is only a skilled roofing contractor can make determinations about the severity leaks and their causes.