Should You Have A Skillion Roof Put On Your New Home?

When you are designing your custom home, at some point your builder will ask you what kind of roof you want. They don't just mean shingles or metal, either. They are talking about the style or shape of the roof. Many people choose to go with a classic gable or hip roof. But there is another style that could be a better fit in some cases: the skillion roof. 

Skillion roofs are also known as shed roofs. They are one sloped surface, or in other words, one pitch. Consider the following pros and cons to decide whether a skillion roof is right for your new home.

Pro: Skillion roofs require less material.

Roofing materials can be expensive, especially if you go with a higher-end material such as concrete tile or metal shingles. With a skillion roof, you need fewer materials than with a gable or hip roof. This helps keep your roofing costs down. This roof is also easy for a roofing company to build, so you may also save on labor.

Con: Skillion roofs can be lifted by high winds.

The shape of these roofs makes it relatively easy for wind to catch under one end and lift the roof up. Your builder and roofer will likely orient the roof in the direction that makes this least likely to happen, but there is still a risk of wind damage.

Pro: Skillion roofs drain well.

These roofs are typically designed with a significant pitch, so water runs right off them. Plus, there are no valleys where water can accumulate. As such, skillion roofs tend to last a long time and avoid water-related damage such as rot and shingle granule loss.

Con: Skillion roofs have a distinct look.

A skillion roof will definitely make your home stand out. Maybe that's what you want, but if you're someone who wants their home to blend in, that will be hard to achieve with this roofing style.

Pro: Skillion roofs are eco-friendly.

Because they use less materials, skillion roofs create less waste. They can also be ventilated really well, which cuts down on AC and energy costs. Plus, it's easy to mount solar panels on these roofs for an even more sustainable approach.

Skillion roofs are affordable, durable, and eco-friendly. If you like the way they look and don't live in a really windy area, it is definitely worth talking to your builder and roofer about this style.

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