How To Avoid Common Roof Problems Associated With Skylights

Skylights add natural light and beauty to your home. Still, they can cause roof repair problems if installed or maintained incorrectly. Several problems can emerge near a skylight. However, there are fortunately several ways that a professional roofer can solve this problem.

Leaking Near the Skylight

One of the most common roof repair problems near skylights is leaking. Leaking can occur for several reasons, such as improper flashing, cracked or broken glass, damaged seals, or clogged weep holes. A weep hole is a passage that allows water to pass through.

Flashing surrounds the skylight and seals it to the roof. If the flashing is loose, bent, rusted, or missing, water can seep through the gaps and cause damage to the roof. Luckily, a roofer will repair a roof leak near a skylight by removing and replacing the faulty flashing with new flashing that is securely fastened and sealed.

Condensation On Your Skylight

Another common roof repair problem near skylights is condensation. Condensation is the moisture that forms on the surface of the glass when there is a difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the skylight.

Condensation can drip down and stain the ceiling or walls or even cause mold or mildew growth. Condensation can be prevented by installing a double or triple-glazing skylight, which reduces heat loss and improves insulation. A roofing contractor will also check your attic's ventilation and ensure there is enough airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

Ice Damming

Your skylight might also be affected by ice damming. Ice damming is when the snow melts on the upper part of your roof and then refreezes on the lower part, forming a ridge of ice that blocks water from draining off your roof.

This can cause water to leak into your home through the skylight or other openings. Ice damming can be prevented by installing a skylight with a slope that matches the slope of your roof, allowing water to run off easily. A roofer will also install heating cables or de-icing systems on your roof to melt any ice that forms.

Enjoy Your Skylight Without Ruining Your Roof

Skylights are an excellent addition to any home. Still, they require proper installation and maintenance to avoid roof problems. If you notice any signs of leaking, condensation, or ice damming near your skylight, contact a residential roofing company in your area to prevent further damage and repair your roof.