Pay Attention To Signs Of Residential Roof Damage

Each part of the construction of a home plays a part in the overall structural stability that it has, including the roof. In fact, the roof is one of the most important parts of construction because it assists with keeping the walls upright so they will not collapse. If a roof has been damaged for a long time without being repaired, it will eventually cause the ceiling to droop in a home. When the roof and ceiling are in such a condition, it creates a danger zone for everyone living in or visiting the home. As a homeowner, it is important to pay attention to signs that your roof needs repairs so a contractor can be hired before a new roof is needed.

Why Are There a Lot of Pebbles on the Ground?

When tiny pebbles begin to accumulate on the ground for no known reason, it might be due to shingle damage. Asphalt shingles are covered in small pebbles that are known as granules, and they are an important part of the roof. Granules assist with protecting a roof from excessive heat exposure by reflecting heat away. By reflecting away heat, it assists with helping the asphalt to be more durable and prevents the need for untimely repairs. An accumulation of granules on the ground means that damaged shingles need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Should Missing Shingles Be a Big Concern?

Shingles do more than add curb appeal to a home, as they are a protective barrier for the roof deck. When shingles are installed on a deck, they are attached in a way that covers the entire deck to protect the wood from outside elements. All it takes is for one of the shingles to be taken off of the deck for an array of problems to arise. For example, one missing shingle exposes the deck to rainwater, which could lead to widespread mold growth. Missing shingles is a big sign that there are other problems at hand as well.

What Caused the Ceiling to Become Discolored?

A discolored ceiling does not necessarily mean that the roof is damaged, but it is a big sign that points to roof damage. Ceilings can become discolored when there is too much moisture in the air, which could happen if there is a plumbing line leak. However, a roof leak can also cause a ceiling to become discolored and should be taken seriously by a homeowner. A roof leak must be repaired in a timely manner to prevent it from causing further damage.

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