4 Ways Architecture's Shingles Beat The Regular Shingles At Roofing

The holidays are typically the best time of the year to assess all you have done to improve yourself and your home. So, if you have been taking stock, you have probably assessed your roof and are wondering whether it is time for a replacement. However, with the countless materials in the market, choosing the ideal one for your needs is challenging. If this is the case, here are reasons you should consider the high-dimensional shingles for the next project.

They are Heavy Duty

You should know that both types of shingles are similar in many aspects. They have asphalt, glue, and granules on their outer layer, while the base comes from fiberglass. As such, the only difference between these two construction materials is the ratios of the three components. Moreover, changing the proportions changes the quality of the resulting material. Typically, the high-dimensional installation is heavier than standard shingles. In addition, they come with high-quality asphalt and sturdier binding agent. Their base mat is also thicker, which makes them last longer. Therefore, opting for them will give you a longer-lasting roofing structure.

They Are More Aesthetically Appealing

Both types come in many colors, textures, and designs. However, there is a notable visual distinction between the two varieties. This is because the 3-tabs have uniformly sized and shaped tiles, making them flat and 2-dimensional. On the other hand, the other alternative has multiple layers of materials adhered to a substrate. Further, roofers fit them to look like cedar shakes or even slate, which increases the value of your home's exterior without the added cost and weight of slate.

They Have an Extended Lifespan

The composition of the new-dimensional shingles is different from that of regular ones. Ultimately, this makes it easy for them to withstand destructive elements. As a result, a roof with this variety can last a few decades, which is longer than the lifespan of the regular 3-tab. This is because the alternative will probably need a replacement after years of usage.

They Have a Better Warranty

Consider the warranty when choosing between the two types of shingles. Keep in mind that the 3-tab has a shorter lifespan, which leads to a short warranty. On the other hand, architectural ones can last longer. Hence, the manufacturer has more confidence in them and will offer long warranties.

These are some benefits of choosing architectural over 3-tab shingles for your roof installation project. As you can see, they are worth the extra cost you will pay. So, speak to a residential roofing contractor and get yours customized for a durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient roof.