Replacing Your Commercial Roof? 4 Aspects That Impact The Charges

An efficient roofing system helps make your commercial building's interior comfortable during the cold and hot seasons. However, the roof will invariably wear out over the years, which can cause your company's energy bills to skyrocket. At this point, it is best to seek commercial roof replacement. To ensure you stay within your budget, you should be aware of the factors affecting replacement costs. Below, check out a few things worth keeping in mind:

The Roof's Material 

There are various roofing materials, and the option you select will impact your installation cost. For instance, EPDM roofs are less costly to install and can even minimize your energy usage when white. Furthermore, they offer resistance against chemical and hail exposure. Another popular option is the PVC roof which is recyclable and durable, although the roofers will have to remove the old material before replacing it with the new. Regardless of the roofing material you're leaning towards, speak to a roofing contractor to guide you on the qualities and possible shortcomings of each. This will help you settle on the most suitable roofing material based on your needs and budget.

Your Commercial Roof's Pitch

If your roof has a steep pitch, you can expect your installation cost to be significantly higher for a number of reasons. One of these is due to safety. Remember that when commercial roofers work on steep roofs, they require safety equipment to carry out the job effectively. Moreover, they'll take more time to work on a roof with a steep pitch than they would on a flat one, which also increases the labor cost.

The Condition of the Roof's Underlying Components

Commercial roofs comprise various components, including ventilation, underlayment, insulation, etc. If there's considerable damage to any of these, it will impact your roof replacement cost. This is because your roofer will need to repair or replace them first, increasing your replacement cost.

Your Roof's Protruding Components

Protruding components, such as vent boots or skylights, mean that roofers need more time to work around them expertly. So, replacing roofs with protrusions will cost more than those without. Notably, if an impeccable job isn't done around these areas, e.g., in the case of a DIY project, your roof will begin to leak.

Understanding what can impact your roof's replacement cost is important as it helps you set your budget. Additionally, to avoid roof issues after installation, it's always advisable to enlist the services of an experienced commercial roofer.

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