2 Signs You Need To Repair Your Roof

Shingle roofs have a lifespan. When they get toward the end of their lifespan, it's time for you to start planning on getting a new roof. You can stretch out the lifespan some by keeping on top of repairs, which will let you catch all the problems before they get too bad. That makes it really important to know the signs of your shingle roof needing to be repaired. 

Moss or Mold

If you see moss or mold on your roof, that is a sign that you need to hire a roofer to go up on your roof to see what's going on. Having moss or mold growing on your roof means that you likely have water trapped in places where water shouldn't be. The water may just be pooling in places on your roof, allowing the mold and moss to grow, but it could also be working its way down into your house. The moss won't generally follow the water, but mold spores can get caught up in the water and end up growing moss in your house. 


If you notice that you have discoloration on your ceilings or walls, especially on an upper level, that's a sign that you have water damage. As water infiltrates your house, it will cause the surfaces to discolor, generally to a yellowish stain. If your house has two stories and you are seeing watermarks on the lower floor, make sure that there isn't a leaky pipe in the ceiling.

If you are sure that the water isn't coming from a leaky pipe, track the marks up to your top floor and see where they appear to be coming from. If you have access to your attic or crawlspace, stick your head up there, carefully, to see if you can see where there is a drip. The thing about water is that it wants to follow the path of least resistance. It will always follow the easiest route.

Because of that, the place where you see the water discoloration isn't necessarily the place where the water is getting in. But, it is important to mark where in your house the water stains are showing up so that you can show the roofer where it is, so they can check the corresponding area on your roof. 

If you are worried about your shingle roof, call a roofing contractor to ask them to evaluate it for you. That evaluation will let you know if all you need to do is repair your roof or if you need to replace it. 

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