Tips You Should Follow To Lengthen The Life Of The Foam Roof

A roof is a great investment. That said, it's impossible to put a value on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a sturdy roof structure that will protect those you love along with your property. So, whether you have just applied a new spray foam roof or it's been in place for some time, you must prioritize its maintenance. Not only will this boost its efficiency, but it will also lengthen its life. 

That said, you may assume that this flat roofing material doesn't require much attention because it doesn't have joints. However, even foam roofing requires regular maintenance to treat small tears and prevent material deterioration. With that in mind, here are essential maintenance tips to get you started.

Clean the Roof

Like other roofing materials, spray foam needs cleaning to prevent damage that reduces longevity. As such, you must schedule a cleanup whenever you notice elements accumulating on the roof's surface. More importantly, you shouldn't let twigs or dry leaves sit on your roof too long as they can damage the material. 

In most cases, a roofing expert can remove such debris using a soft-bristled broom every few months. In addition, they will examine the roof for damage and repair it to avoid exposing the foam. This is particularly vital after experiencing high-speed winds or heavy rainfall in the area.

Perform Repairs

You must note that your roof will need regular repairs to restore functionality. After all, you want a roof that will protect the indoors from the elements and insulate efficiently. More so, consider inspections after a storm or heavy rains to spot damages like tiny blisters, dents, and ruptures. Since a spray-on roof is made of a light material, it is prone to impact damage that can degrade the foam if you neglect repairs. 

Remove Large Objects

Another vital aspect of foam roof care is removing unnecessary items that can damage it. This includes old furniture, tools, spare parts, and other heavy items on your roof. In addition, you may want to avoid placing your mechanical equipment, such as HVAC units, on the roof. This is because the panels that hold such equipment in place use screws that make small incisions into the foam and can eventually damage it. 

As you can see, the maintenance process for spray-on roofs isn't complicated. More so, your installation can serve you many years if you work with a professional foam roofing company for regular care.