Signs You Need Residential Roofing Services

The quality of your roof always drops with age. As such, you need to stay vigilant about the condition of your roof. You should know when to call residential roofing services. It's the only way to increase your roof's lifespan. Here are the indicators you need residential roofing services.

Changes in Your Energy Bills

Your electric bills are bound to increase if you run your HVAC systems for a long time. Unfortunately, an aging roof will have you running your air conditioner or furnace for long hours. 

As your roof ages, the insulation and siding will also become problematic. Insulation should prevent heat from escaping or entering your home through the roof. So, if you notice that the HVAC bills are rising to unprecedented levels, have a roofing expert inspect the insulation and siding of your roof. 

Water Spots and Stains

The presence of water spots on your walls or ceiling should definitely concern you. It's abnormal to have water spots or stains unless your roof is leaking or there's a leak on your plumbing work. So, if you spot stains or water marks around your ceiling or walls, have a residential roofing service check for leaks on your roof. Other signs that might signal your roof has leaks are:

  • Wet roof decking
  • Ice dams
  • Mold on walls or ceiling
  • Wet exterior wall
  • Visible leaks

Sagging Deck

Sagging is a clear indication that your roof is falling apart. In most cases, your roof will sag due to age or structural issues. Also, don't be surprised why your roof is sagging if you went for a DIY installation. While correcting a sagging roof can be expensive, you still have to do it before the roof collapses. Luckily, correcting the sagging should be easier if you do it early on. Ignoring the problem will only worsen things, and you might have to replace the roof entirely.

Plants on the Roof

Many people assume that plants growing on the roof is quite normal. As such, they do very little to address the problem. Plants on your roof will always be a problem because they attract pests and birds. Moreover, the roots of these plants will damage your shingles in the long run. That said, you need a roofing expert to help remove the plants.


If your roof seems to be too old, you'll have to budget for a replacement. There's very little you can do to save an aging roof. You can easily tell that your roof is aging if it has widespread leaks or lots of missing shingles. Once these signs show, have an expert check if they can save the roof, or you'll have to replace it.

For more information, contact a roofer near you.