Consider Getting A Ceramic Tile Roof For Your Home

If you're drawn to the appearance of a clay tile roof, and you're thinking about getting one for your home, you may want to consider ceramic tiles first. Ceramic tiles and clay tiles are very similar, but ceramic tiles have a few advantages. Here's what you need to know about ceramic tile roofing

Ceramic Tiles Take On Many Looks

Ceramic tiles are often made of white clay, so they start out very similar to clay tiles that are usually made of red clay. However, the ceramic variety has color added during the process so the tiles come in a wide range of colors. Plus, the tiles come in different shapes, even flat shapes like slate.

You'll have more choices in the appearance of your roof when you choose ceramic tiles, so you may want to look at all the choices available before deciding if you want traditional clay tiles or something colorful and different.

Ceramic Tiles Are Less Porous

Ceramic tiles are also fired at a higher temperature so they are less porous. They're usually glazed too, and this makes them watertight. You don't have to worry over the tiles soaking up water and growing mold. The ceramic surface also makes the tiles fire-resistant, so they offer superior protection for your home.

Ceramic Tiles Are Similar To Clay Tiles

Although ceramic tiles are made a little differently and may look different from clay tiles, they have many of the same qualities. If you're familiar with clay tiles, you know what to expect with the ceramic variety. For instance, the tiles are heavy and they are luxury roofing so they cost more than other types of roofing materials.

The tiles don't contain any toxic materials, so they can be recycled and used to make new roofing. Ceramic tiles are more durable than clay tiles, although they might be cracked if walked on improperly. The tiles are so durable they last for decades and need few repairs.

Ceramic tiles are also more challenging to install than asphalt shingles and metal roofing. The tiles are hard and not as easy to position. Getting your new roof could take longer due to the extra difficulty in installation, but it's important for the roofing crew to take their time so none of the tiles are harmed, and so your new roof will look beautiful.

Ask your roofer for a quote for ceramic tiles so you can compare costs, warranties, longevity, and expected maintenance with clay tiles and other types of roofing. This helps you select the right new roof for your home that you can afford.