Maintenance And Repair Tips For Commercial Roofing Membranes

Membranes are popular types of commercial roofing, and they're very good at protecting flat roofs from water damage. Over time, membranes could start leaking due to damage from water ponding, foot traffic, or storms. Here are some tips for maintaining your commercial roofing membrane, and how a damaged membrane might be repaired.

Place Walking Mats On The Roof

If you anticipate there will be a lot of foot traffic on your roof, talk to your commercial roofer about creating a walkway with mats so contractors and employees don't walk on the membrane unless necessary. This could prevent punctures that lead to roof leaks.

Clean Off The Roof Regularly

If leaves and small branches collect on your roof, hire a roofer to clean them off unless your maintenance crew can handle the job. One reason this is important is so the leaves don't create a dam that lets water puddle on the roof. Standing water increases the risk of a roof leak, so debris should be removed regularly.

Have Scheduled Roof Inspections

Talk to your roofer about how often they should inspect your flat roof. They might recommend it once or twice each year. By checking the membrane closely, the roofer can find punctures, leaky flashing, loose seams, and other problems that could lead to a roof leak.

You might also want extra inspections after a storm with hail. Hail impacts might puncture a membrane roof, and if so, you want the damage found and repaired quickly.

Keep Up With Repairs

A benefit of membrane roofing is that it is fairly easy to repair. If the roofer finds a hole in the roof, they can cut out a piece from a new membrane and patch the hole. The patch might be bonded with heat or adhesives depending on the type of commercial roofing membrane you have. Loose seams can be repaired the same way. When flashing leaks, it might need to be replaced if the roofer can't patch it with a piece of metal.

When your roofer checks your roof for damage, they'll also look for signs that water might be standing on your roof after it rains. If so, they'll figure out why and make repairs or clean out the roof drain so your roof can drain water quickly to reduce wear and tear on the membrane that leads to roof leaks.

By keeping up with routine repairs, you can prevent problems with a roof leak that leads to expensive water damage. Plus, you'll get a longer life from your roofing membrane when you keep up with maintenance and repairs. 

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