4 Advantages of Proactive Maintenance for Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing damages are expensive because apart from the roof repair costs, there are more costs incurred in business downtime, inventory damage, and poor brand image. Proactive maintenance seeks to avoid damage instead of scrambling to fix the roof after damage. For example, regular roof inspections can identify problems such as damaged flashing and have it replaced. There are several advantages to proactive commercial roofing maintenance.

1. Reduce Repair Costs and Time

Reactive repairs are costly because commercial roof damage is usually extensive by the time it is noticeable. For example, water infiltration on a metallic roof signifies corrosion to the point of the metal falling apart. Replacing an extensively corroded section takes time and money.

Proactive maintenance invests less money for an assurance of low expenses in repair costs. For example, when a roof inspection identifies corrosion, you can stop the spread of the corrosion. It saves you the money you would incur for replacing an entire section.

Regular commercial roofing maintenance can go on without interrupting the business. On the other hand, you have no control over reactive repairs. The damage could be on sections of the roof that affect core business operations like customer service. In that case, the time spent on repairs is downtime and a loss for the business.

2. Keep the Warranty Valid

New commercial roofing will have a warranty, but there are terms and conditions for you to enjoy the benefits of this warranty. One such condition is that the roof is properly maintained. Roofing companies give this condition to minimize incurring costs on small and preventable repairs.

Proactive maintenance for commercial roofing ensures the roof is in good shape. You have evidence to back up your claims with various receipts from roofers who do the maintenance. Then, when major damage happens, you can confidently claim your warranty.

3. Extend Roof Lifespan

Different commercial roofing materials have different lifespan expectations. But the roof can only go to its full lifespan with proper maintenance. For example, corrosion shortens the lifespan of a roof significantly.

Proactive maintenance for commercial roofing prevents the small damage that mushrooms into more extensive damage that can cause partial or full roof collapse. In addition, it ensures the business gets full value for money invested in the roof.

4. Positive Brand Image

Because of its visibility, the roof has a big impression on your customers. Proactive maintenance for commercial roofing keeps this structure in good shape. It inspires confidence in your brand; customers come in with a more receptive mindset.

Would you like your commercial roofing to look good at all times? Talk to a roofer about a proactive maintenance schedule for your roof.