Tips for Having a Roof Replaced on a City Home

City living can be quite different from country living, but city homes still have roofs! If you need to have your roof replaced, however, there are a few intricacies to the process that are a bigger deal in the city than in the country. As such, you will want to follow these tips when getting a roof replacement.

1. Figure out where the dumpster can be placed.

In the city, homes don't tend to have huge yards and driveways where a roofing company can place a dumpster. However, a dumpster will be necessary to collect all of the roofing debris from the old roof that's stripped off. Sometimes a roofing company needs to place the dumpster in the street in front of the house. Other times, you may need to put the dumpster in a neighbor's driveway.

Reach out to the city highway department to find out if putting the dumpster in the street is allowed; you may need a temporary permit to do so. Or, talk to your neighbor well in advance of your roof replacement to find out if you can use their driveway.

2. Tell your neighbors when you're having the roof work done.

Even if you don't need to use your neighbor's driveway, let all of your neighbors know you're having your roof replaced, and when. Since homes are close to each other in the city, your neighbors will probably hear the pounding and end up with some shingle bits in their yard, so you want them to be prepared for this.

3. Consider a light-colored roof to reduce the heat island effect.

The heat island effect occurs in cities where there's a lot of dark-colored pavement and also many dark-colored roofs. These surfaces absorb so much sunlight that they get hot, and then they spread that heat all around them. Before you know it, the city feels a few degrees hotter than the actual outdoor temperature that day. If you live in the city, you can help cut back on the heat island effect by choosing a lighter-colored roof. Light colors do not absorb as much heat from the sun, so your roof and the area around it will stay cooler.

With the tips above, you can have a more successful, streamlined experience when replacing the roof on a city home. You should reach out to a local roofing company if you have any questions.