The Homeowners' Guide to Metal Roof Repairs

It is a durable material if you have metal roofing, but it may still need occasional repairs. Therefore, you want to know what issues to look for to know when you need metal roofing repairs. Some of the issues can be due to worn seals, wind damage, or other problems. The following metal roofing repair guide will ensure the minor problems don't cause severe damage to your home.

Storm Damage to Metal Roofing

Just like other roofing materials, metal roofing can also have problems with storm damage. There are different issues that may need to be repaired on a metal roof after severe weather, including:

  • Dents from heavy hailstones
  • Obvious wind damage issues
  • Leaks caused by movement and other issues

Issues with storm damage can be just as bad with metal roofing as they are with conventional asphalt shingles.

Issues with Worn Out Flashing and Seals

There are also issues with worn-out flashing or seals that can cause damage to metal roofing. Some of the areas where flashing and seals can wear out on a metal roof include:

  • Around chimneys (especially behind the chimney box)
  • At vents and skylights or other installations
  • Around valleys and where roof slopes meet walls

The problems with flashing can be reduced by using a rubber underlayment when you have repairs done.

Issues with Metal Roofing Deterioration

The metal roofing can also deteriorate, which can be worse in some areas than in others. Therefore, there may be some issues like metal deterioration that you need to have repaired quickly. These metal roofing deterioration repairs that are often needed include:

  • Replacing metal in areas with excessive runoff
  • Repairing damage due to deterioration at the eaves
  • Repairing issues with deterioration at valleys

The deterioration of metal roofing materials depends a lot on the thickness and type of materials.

Problems with Water Traps that Cause Leaks

Water traps can be a serious issue on metal roofs. Therefore, you want to have repairs done to deal with water trap issues. The water trap problems that you want to have repaired on a metal roof include:

  • Water traps where walls meet roof slopes at different angles
  • Issues with water traps where there are changes in the roof slope
  • Water traps around chimneys and other structural features

Whenever you have metal roofing installed on your home, you want to look for water traps that can become a problem later.

The problems with metal roofing can often be prevented with regular maintenance, but you will need occasional repairs. Contact a roof repair service for help repairing these issues before they cause severe damage.