A PVC Roof Might Be The Right Choice For Your Restaurant

PVC roofing is a good choice for a restaurant. One reason PVC is often chosen for restaurants is that PVC can tolerate exposure to oils and fats that escape your ventilation system. Plus, PVC roofing comes in colors such as white, tan, gray, green, and brown so it has an attractive appearance on your building. Here's a look at how this type of commercial roofing is installed.

PVC Roofing Can Cover An Old Roof

PVC Roofing is lightweight, so it's possible to install it over an old roof to cut down on expenses and installation time. The roofer makes sure the old roof is in good shape first so water damage isn't covered over by the new roofing material. If the old roof is damaged, it may need to be removed or repaired before the PVC roofing is installed.

Insulation Boards Can Be Put Down First

PVC roofing is supplied in rolled sheets. The sheets need a surface suitable for them to adhere to. Your roofer might put down insulation boards as these have the double purpose of adding insulation and giving your roof a flat, smooth surface for the PVC sheets to rest on.

PVC Roofing Can Be Installed A Few Ways

One thing you'll want to discuss about your commercial roof installation is how the PVC sheets will attach to the roof. Your roofing contractor considers the size of your roof and climate conditions when deciding the best way to install the PVC sheets. Your preferences might also be taken into account. For instance, you might want the sheets held down with gravel for a more appealing appearance, especially if a gravel roof would match your restaurant theme.

Besides being weighed down with gravel, the roofing can be glued down, attached with screws and metal plates, or heat welded. Heat welding the seams is a good option since this makes the seams strong and resistant to coming apart and leaking.

A commercial roof installation is often a disruptive process, but if you can apply the PVC sheets over the old roof, then your business may not be impacted negatively by having the new roof installed. The roofing contractor may be able to work around your hours of operation or during slow times so your customers aren't bothered by the process of having a new roof put on.

Once the new roof is installed, it should last for a few decades. You'll want to have the roof checked on schedule so repairs can be done promptly when needed. Repairs are usually easy for a PVC roof since patches can be heat-welded to the roofing to seal punctures. Reach out to a professional to discuss a new commercial roof