The Importance Of Prompt Attention To A Leaking Roof On A Rental House

Replacement of old roofs on rental houses should be completed promptly after tenants discover a leak. Sometimes flaws can be repaired, but an old roof is likely to spring a leak elsewhere fairly soon. Most owners of rental houses are scrupulous about this. They have planned well ahead how to pay for this substantial home improvement. They know the average longevity of shingles and when residential roofing construction will probably become necessary.

The Importance of Prompt Service

Quick attention is essential to protect the rest of the building. There could be hidden leaks in addition to those the tenants have found. Renters should not have the responsibility of regularly checking the building for new leaks in places like an attic or the back areas of closets.

Rainwater trickling into the house can damage the wood decking under the shingles and lumber inside the building. An area of the ceiling might need replacement. Wet insulation could become moldy, which is considered a health hazard.

The Possibility of Reroofing

Roof replacement commonly is the largest home improvement project a rental property owner will ever need to have completed. Unfortunately, a landlord could experience a significant financial hardship soon before a roof should be replaced. Obtaining a home equity loan might be possible, but not everyone feels comfortable about this option.

Residential roofing contractors may be able to add a second layer of shingles over the top as long as the building can support the extra weight. This costs less than tearing the old shingles off and replacing them with new ones. The process is known as reroofing. It won't last as long as a brand new roof, but it can buy the property owner several years to save up for that project. 

Protecting Their Investment

Tenants rarely need to start withholding rent to convince their landlord to address problems with the roof. Even though the owners don't live in this house, they want to protect their investment. They don't want to pay even more to fix water-related damage that gradually worsens. In addition, water dripping into the back of a closet could damage a tenant's belongings. Now the landlord is liable for this as well.

A Temporary Fix

Customers of roofing contractors can ask for a tarp to be nailed over the problem area. This allows them to temporarily stop the leak while deciding how to proceed. Also, the roofer might need to schedule this project on a busy calendar.

Rental property owners may contact roofing contractors to get quotes at the earliest convenience.