Prompt Roof Repairs Are Often Less Costly And They Can Prevent Water Damage To The Deck And Rafters

If you have a home with an older roof, it's probably a matter of time until you need to have repairs done. Repairs might be as simple as replacing one shingle or as complicated as cutting out part of a rotted deck and rafters. Here's a look at what to expect when your roof develops a leak and you call a roofer to make repairs.

The Type Of Damage Is Determined

The first thing your roofer has to do is determine where the leak is located and how bad the damage is. This could be a quick process, or it may take a long time if there is more than one area that needs to be repaired. The roofer has to look for hidden damage and determine the type of repairs needed.

Once this information is known, a plan for repairs can be developed. The repairs might be scheduled at a later date if supplies have to be ordered or if a specialist has to do work like replace or brace a rafter. If repairs are delayed, the roofer might put a tarp over the leak so rain won't get in while you wait.

Replacing Or Repairing Shingles Might Go Fast

If your roof lost shingles in the last storm, the only repairs needed might be a simple shingle replacement. This involves lifting up the shingles above the missing ones so the new shingles can be slid in. If the shingles above are brittle and easily damaged, the roof repairs can be more complicated.

Also, if the roofer finds water damage to the deck where the shingles were missing, the roofer might need to remove several more shingles to reveal the deck so the rotted area can be cut out and replaced.

Your roofer can repair or replace shingles that have curled on the end, cracked shingles, and shingles that have had the granules knocked off. As long as the shingle damage isn't widespread, as happens with a hailstorm, the roofer can make repairs and you'll get more years of life from your roof.

Repairing Rotted Wood Can Be More Involved

You don't want the roofer to put new shingles over a bad deck because that just covers up damage. When a roof has been leaking for a while, the water seeps through the deck and causes water damage to the deck and the rafters below. The rotted wood usually has to be cut out so the rot won't spread and so your roof has proper structural support. A rafter might need to have a brace board nailed in place to reinforce it if the rafter is weak from water damage or rot.

When leaks are caught early, excessive water damage can be prevented. That's why you should have roof repairs done promptly. When repairs are done early, they cost less and your home suffers less water damage.

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