3 Signs Your House Needs a New Roof

Most people are grateful to have a roof over their heads but hardly think about its condition. When was the last time you checked your roof for leaks? Don't wait until rainwater comes pouring in to know you need a residential roof replacement.

Paying attention to your roof allows you to address the damages before things get out of hand. Consider setting two recurring reminders so you don't forget to inspect the roof at least twice every year. Checking the condition of your roof in the fall and spring months gives you enough time to find a solution before the weather gets too cold or too hot. Replacing an old roof in the wake of server snow or extreme sunshine will probably drive the installation rates up. Here are three signs your house needs a new roof. 

1. When You Can See Beams of Light in Your Attic 

Since the roof is above your head, one way to look for serious damage is to find indicators inside the house. When you can see beams of light in your attic, this is a clear sign to contact residential roof replacement services. 

A leaky roof might let in only a few rainwater drops at a time, but the damage becomes significant with time. A roof that isn't watertight will let moisture into the attic and eventually into other parts of the house. Failure to replace the roof results in mold and mildew growth. Replace your leaky roof to avoid dealing with far more expensive problems. 

2. When It's Been Over 20 Years Since You Had Your Roof Replaced

If you've owned your house for years, find out the last time you upgraded the roof. Even though roofs are durable, they aren't meant to last a lifetime. Exposure to the elements over the years breaks the material down, and at some point, you'll need a roof replacement. Go through your home improvement records to see if it's time for a new roof. 

3. When You Notice Several Damaged Shingles 

Now that you've checked the roof from inside the house, it's time to get a ladder and see how it looks from the top. You might want to contract residential roof replacement services if you don't trust yourself on a ladder. After all, falls rank second on the list of fatal domestic accidents. If you notice several damaged shingles, a simple repair might not be enough to get your roof in good shape. 

These are the three signs your house needs a new roof. Contact reliable residential roof replacement services to help you determine if your current roof has outlived its usefulness.