Old Worn Commercial Roof Membranes That Need Repairs

Commercial roofing membranes are great materials because they last and are energy efficient. They also provide lightweight solutions for modern building designs, but they will eventually wear and need some repairs. Some of the issues that you may have with commercial roofing membranes include punctures, wear and tear, and damaged seams. The following commercial roofing membrane repairs are some of the things that you will have to deal with as your roof ages:

Punctures from Debris

The membrane surface can easily be punctured by debris. This is not too much of a problem with new roofs, but it can be as they age. The debris that punctures the surface of roofing can come from maintenance, trees, or be windblown debris from storms.

When you have identified punctures, they are going to need repairs. Sometimes, it may just be an isolated issue that can be solved with a dab of cement filler. If there are extensive punctures or severe damage, a commercial roofer can repair the problem by patching the damaged areas with new materials.

Wear Due to Foot Traffic

The membrane roofing can also be damaged by foot traffic. This is often due to routine maintenance that needs to be done to areas of the roof where there are mechanical systems installed. When maintenance personnel walks in these areas, it causes damage to the roof's surface.

The damage to roofing due to foot traffic can be just worn on the surface, punctures, and seams separating. These areas can be patched and repaired with new membrane materials. When installing roofing membranes, the foot traffic wear can be reduced by doubling the layers in these areas or installing functional maintenance paths above roofing.

Seams of Membranes Separating

Another problem that you may have with roofing membranes is the seams separating. This happens due to the adhesives wearing out and the bonds where membranes are joined together breaking. This can also happen due to a lack of adhesive glue at the seams.

The separated seams are going to need to be pulled apart to repair them. After the damaged areas of the seams are separated, a strip can be laid beneath the seam. The seam can then be glued back together with special bonding adhesive glue. You can also have an extra strip laid over the seam to reinforce the seam with a double layer of protection.

The issues with old commercial roofing membranes can be avoided by having them inspected and repaired routinely. Contact a commercial roof repair service if you are having problems with old worn roofing and leaks.