Considering Spanish Tile Roofing? 3 Things You Need To Know

Spanish tile roofing offers a beautiful and classic look. This kind of roofing can elevate your home's appearance and increase its value. There are other reasons to consider Spanish tile other than its appearance; it's also incredibly durable. Tile roofing lasts longer than many other kinds of roofing. There are numerous reasons why you may be interested in Spanish tile, and there are a few things you should know before you install this type of roofing.

It's Not Cheap

If you are drawn to a Spanish tile roof's appearance, be prepared to pay a premium for this type of roofing. Tile roofing, in general, is expensive. Spanish tile roofing, in particular, can be pricey. Usually, Spanish tile roofing is made out of clay. A clay tile roof will set you back between $25,000 and $50,000 on average. Your roof's size, pitch, and slope will all impact your costs. While a tile roof does come at a higher price than other kinds of roofing, it's cost-effective over time due to its longer life span. 

It Will Last A Long Time

If you are taken aback by how much Spanish tile roofing will cost, it's essential to keep in mind it's longevity. Spanish tile roofing lasts much longer than other kinds of roofing. Over time, a Spanish tile roof will pay off. Your tile roof can last for up to a century, and this type of roofing requires little maintenance. You'll usually only require Spanish tile roof repair when there is an impact on your roof, leading to damage. Things like falling branches can lead to the need for repair. 

It Works Well In Warmer Climates

You may have noticed that Spanish tile roofs are prevalent in some regions of the country like Florida, the Southwest, and California. Tile roofs are an excellent option in areas that experience hot weather often. This kind of roofing also works well in areas that see heavy downpours frequently. However, you need to keep in mind that tile roofing is very heavy. It may not be a good option in areas that see a significant amount of snow. You won't want to add any more weight to an already heavy roof.

There are numerous reasons why a tile roof may appeal to you, but is it the right option for your home? Spanish tile roofing is pricier than other roofing options, so it's essential to keep in mind that it's a significant investment. While this type of roofing is expensive, it will last much longer than other types of roofing. Tile roofing also works well in warmer climates but may not be the right option where you live. 

To learn more about Spanish tile roofing, contact a local roofing contractor.