5 Questions To Ask Your Contractor When You Need A Roof Replacement

If your roof is leaking in a few different places, it could be best to replace your roof rather than repair it. Even if your roof isn't at the end of its expected lifespan, a season of bad storms can take a toll on asphalt roofing, especially if hail is involved. A roofing contractor will inspect your roof and let you know if a replacement is necessary. Here are five questions you might want to ask your roofer.

1. Will Insurance Pay For The New Roof?

While you'll want to include your insurance agent in the discussions too, a roofer can let you know if your leaky roof was caused by storm or hail damage. Your insurance might pay for roof damage caused by a storm, but there's probably a time limit for submitting your claim. A roofer and your insurance agent can tell if hail damage is new or old, and your insurance might not pay for a new roof if the damage is too old.

2. Do You Have To Remove The Old Shingles?

If your existing roof has two layers of roofing, then both layers need to be torn off before getting your roof replacement unless your local codes have different requirements. Even if your roof only has one layer of shingles, your roofer may advise you to remove them.

If your roof is leaking in multiple spots, there might be water damage to the deck. The only way to be sure the water damage is found and repaired is if the old shingles are removed so the deck is visible.

3. Are There Sturdier Shingles You Can Buy?

If your roof has three-tab builder's-grade shingles now, which is a common type of asphalt shingle roofing, you might be able to find stronger shingles that stand up to storms better. Shingles come in different grades. The best grade is thicker and sturdier, so those shingles should tolerate storms with less damage.

You can also check the wind and impact rating for shingles you buy so you know what to expect with storms. The stronger shingles usually last longer, but they also cost more.

4. Will The Roof Come With A Warranty?

Your new roof should come with a warranty, and you'll want to understand what the warranty covers and the things you might do to void the warranty. Your roof warranty may not cover damage from storms, but it may instead cover problems with roofing materials and installation.

5. Is A Permit Needed For A Roof Replacement?

Your local codes probably require a permit. The codes officer may also make inspections of the work. The roofing contractor may obtain the permit for you since they have the information that will be required. The permit has a fee, and that fee will probably be added to the cost of your new roof.

Once the permit is submitted, the rest is up to your local codes office. The permit might be approved in a couple of days, or it could take a couple of weeks.