Do You Really Need A Roofing Contractor?

If you see any problems with your roof, you'll likely contact a roofing company to send a team out to fix it as soon as possible. While DIY roofing may be appropriate for some jobs, there are some situations in which you need a roofing contractor to handle the project. Some of those types of situations are outlined below; if you see any of them that relate to your circumstances, contact one to schedule an appointment right away.

If Your Project Is Large

Roofing contractors start out as regular roofers, which means that they have practical experience in the day-to-day management of a roofing project. Most of them, however, have gone on to further their education and achieve secondary certifications and licenses, which means they're able to oversee large projects and act as supervisors on different roofing projects. This may be at the head of their own team or in tandem with another roofing company, but regardless, a roofing contractor will act as your point man on the project, no matter how large.

If Your Project Is Specialized

As mentioned above, roofing contractors have a variety of advanced training, some of which is in regard to specialized areas such as solar panel installation or commercial roofing. While you can hire any roofing company to handle these types of projects, it's always best to have somebody who has specialized training to oversee the project for you. Multilevel apartment buildings and tall commercial skyscrapers, for instance, are much different than family homes and require a different skillset. Likewise, a residential roofing contractor understands the nuances of your home's roofing, such as what steps need to be taken if a storm blows a tree into your house.

If Your Project Hasn't Started

Even if you haven't actually started your roofing project yet, you should contact a roofing contractor to organize a blueprint and timeline for the project as a whole. They can help you understand what types of materials and installation techniques may be most appropriate and can oversee the work in progress to make sure that is done efficiently and cleanly, as well. Once the project is finished, they'll walk through the site with the general contractor or the building inspector to make sure everything is up to code. Even if you've already hired a roofing company, you can also hire a separate roofing contractor to operate as an independent consultant that reports directly to you.

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