Roofing Repairs Your Concrete Roof Might Need When Tiles Are Cracked Or Broken

A concrete roof can last for several decades, but it's important to check the roof occasionally so cracked and chipped tiles can be repaired before your roof has water damage. Here's a look at some damage you might find on your concrete tile roof and the roofing repairs that could be needed to keep your roof in good shape and give it a long life.

Common Types Of Roofing Tile Damage

Concrete roofing can be cracked if something hits it hard enough. Branches falling from a tree or debris flying through the air during a storm might cause damage. Hail might also crack concrete tiles if the hail is large enough. In addition to checking the tiles about once a year, you should also check it after a bad storm if possible so you can find damage early.

Look for cracks in the tiles and missing edges that have chipped off. If the damaged tiles aren't caught early and the roof has started leaking, the underlayment and deck might be damaged too.

Types Of Roofing Repairs For Concrete Tiles

Your roofer may have the option of repairing or replacing a tile depending on the extent of damage. If it's determined the underlayment and deck are bad too, tiles in the area have to be taken off to fix the roof underneath them, and your roofer may repair the old tiles and return them or put in new tiles.

One issue with new concrete tiles is the color may not match closely, and that might even be noticeable from the ground. Even if you saved some spare tiles from when you had the roof put on, they may not match your roof any longer due to the roof's exposure to the weather and sun.

If it's necessary to replace some tiles, and they are in a highly visible area, the roofer may take old tiles from a place that can't be noticed as easily and use those to make repairs. Then, the new tiles can be placed in the area that won't be seen as often.

Replacing a tile involves lifting the tiles above the damaged one so the damaged tile can be pulled out. A new tile is slid in place and the tiles above lowered back down to hold the new tile. If a tile is cracked, roofing tile adhesive can be used to seal the crack and bond the broken pieces together.

As long as a missing piece can be found, it's even possible to glue broken corners back on. Roofing glue comes in different colors so it blends in with the color of the tiles and makes the repairs invisible from the ground. Learn more about roofing repair in your area today.