The Process Involved In A New Roof

If you need to have your entire roof replaced, then you might want to learn all that you can about what this will involve. You can learn the basics of what it takes to do a complete roof replacement in this article. This will help you to know what's happening with your roof and make it easier for you to discuss things with the roofer. Here is some information on the process of roofing replacement

The tear-off

The first thing that happens when the roofers come to replace your roof is they will remove, or 'tear off' the old shingles and materials all the way down to the wood decking. This process involves the complete removal of the underlayment as well, and this is the material that goes right on the decking, under the shingles. Flashing is metal pieces around areas where leaking would be more likely. The flashing may also be removed to be replaced. There will likely be a dumpster on your property that the roofers will use to put the materials from the tear-off right into. 

The inspection of the decking

The roofer will want to take a close look at the decking once the materials have been removed. They will inspect it to make sure it make sure there aren't problems with it, such as warping, rotting, or anything else that would need attention. If there are issues with it, then they will also tear off the damaged decking and replace any areas of the decking that need to be replaced. 

The new roof will be replaced

Once everything has been removed and inspected, then the process of putting the new roof on begins. Installing the new flashing, a new drip edge around the edge of the roof, a new underlayment, hot tar, and shingles will be put on the roof. 


Now that you have a better idea about the different things that are done when you are getting a new roof put on, you will be able to recognize where the roofers are when you see the tasks they are tending to. Plus, you will also have a better idea of what they are explaining to you, so you can feel like you are keeping up with the conversation easier. Getting a new roof is something that you want to make sure you don't put off too long, or you can end up with a lot of problems.