Five Signs It's Time To Replace Your Roof

Getting a new roof installed is never on anyone's list of "fun weekend activities," but it's absolutely imperative if you want to make sure your home stays protected from the elements. Fortunately, a well-installed roof can last anywhere from 25-100 years, so it should be one of those things that you only have to do once or twice.

As a homeowner though, It can be hard to know when it's time to talk to a contractor about getting a roof replacement. Here are five sure-fire ways to know you need to get a new roof.

Light Through the Ceiling

Obviously, if you are standing in your living room and can see the sky peeking through a hole in your roof, it's time to talk to a roofer. What's less obvious is whether or not you can see specks of daylight coming through into your attic. Climb upstairs, turn off the lights, and let your eyes adjust for a few minutes. If you can still see light coming through where there shouldn't be, you have holes in your roof that need patching ASAP.

Chimney Leaks

One of the first areas that will start to show signs of deterioration is in the area around your chimney called the "flashing." This metal piece provides a tight seal around the base of the chimney that protects water from getting into the little cracks between your chimney and the roof. If you notice water creeping through, it's time to hire roof replacement services.

High Energy Bills

You can expect your energy bill to fluctuate somewhat with the changing seasons, but a massive jump in your heating and air conditioning is a signal that air is escaping somehow. It's worth contacting a roofer to make sure it's not escaping through the shingles.

Deformed Shingles

Because they are constantly bombarded by UV rays, wind, and precipitation, your shingles are going to warp and bow inward on themselves; they also might start to crack. While you might be able to get away with replacing a few shingles here and there, over time, it'll actually cost less to just have a full roof replacement.

Algae Stains

If you've ever driven through a neighborhood that is a couple of decades old, you've probably noticed dark stains on some of the rooftops. This may look like water, but it's actually airborne algae, and at the very least, it doesn't look good. It's actually easy to remove the stains yourself with a water hose and a 50/50 bleach/water combination, but more importantly, it's also a sign that your roof may be reaching the age of replacement.

For further information, reach out to a local roof replacement service.