Three Common Causes Of Roof Damage

Roof repairs are inevitable. If you live in your home long enough, or if it's old enough, at some point, you'll need to call a service that specializes in roofing repairs. It's best to get these repairs done quickly since your roof is the only line of defense between the items that you cherish on the inside and the elements that are trying to crash in from the outside.

Below are some of the most common reasons your roof may be damaged, leaving you with the need to schedule a roof repair.


When the temperature outside starts to drop, many outside critters will try to find their way inside your home, using whatever access points they can find. While some of these will come in through cracks in your foundation or air vents in your walls, another favorite spot is through the roof. And these pests are determined; if they want to get inside, they'll usually find a way, even if they have to chew through your shingles to get there. The animals you most need to worry about are squirrels and rats, but even the occasional bird may decide to build a nest in your attic. These entry points can leave gaping holes in your roof, which can only be fixed with a roofing repair service.


Even the strongest roofs are subject to deterioration. Over time, the combination of water, heat, and precipitation will wear down your roof, leaving weak spots that can be exploited by something as simple as a strong wind gust. The worst part is you most likely won't even notice there's a problem until you start seeing water spots on your ceiling. If you see that, you should call the necessary professionals in your area to fix those problems, but you'll also need to call a roofer that can patch that hole up, and if necessary, replace a part of it as well.

Lack of Maintenance

When people think of household chores, the last thing they think about is proper roof maintenance. Indeed, while most homeowners should never climb up on their roof to replace some shingles, they should do a visual inspection every few months just to make sure they spot signs of decay and any other issues before they turn into major problems. It's always easier to fix a small problem now, than wait and try to fix a major issue later.

You can read more on local roofing repair websites about what may cause your roof to be damaged.