Popular Residential Roofing Upgrades

Whether it is to make the roof a more durable part of the home or to improve its appearance, there is a range of improvements that a homeowner may want to consider investing in for their home. For a new homeowner, many of these upgrades may not be readily obvious despite having major benefits for the home.

Upgrade From Basic Asphalt Shingles

Despite being among the most popular roofing options, asphalt shingles can be among the least durable and most aesthetically limiting. Not surprisingly, upgrading to higher-quality roofing materials can dramatically change the appearance of the home as well as its durability. For example, stone tile roofing can allow you to create a beautiful and unique aesthetic for your roof while also having one of the most durable types of roofing available. Additionally, wood shake or slate tiles can be other options that may be superior to standard asphalt roofing.

Snowmelt Systems

Preventing large amounts of snow from gathering on the roof can be another issue that homeowners will need to address. Large amounts of snow can be extraordinarily heavy, and this can put the roof at risk of suffering a failure. The most convenient method of managing this particular roofing threat will be to install a snowmelt system. These systems will use warming pads and heating elements placed along the roof to warm it enough to stop snow from collecting. In addition to being able to melt snow, these systems can also be highly effective against the formation of sheets of ice, which can also be a common threat from winter storms.

Aesthetically Pleasing Flashing

The flashing that is installed on your home will be important for protecting the house from moisture damage and other issues that may be caused by the small gaps that can be present along portions of the roof that connect to the home. While flashing can be vital for keeping the home in good condition, it can also be relatively plain-looking. Luckily, there are more aesthetically pleasing options than standard aluminum flashing. In particular, copper can be an extremely popular material to use for flashing. Copper is both durable and aesthetically-pleasing, which can make it possible to use it to turn your roof's flashing into highlights. While changing the flashing may not seem complicated, it is imperative for it to be done correctly in order to avoid actually trapping water behind it. Luckily, hiring a roofing contractor to replace flashing is one of the more affordable types of projects that you can undertake for your home.