3 Benefits a Metal Roof Can Offer

Selecting a material for your new roof can be overwhelming. You have many choices available to you, including asphalt shingles, tiles, and wood. Before you narrow your options, take the time to consider a standing seam metal roof.

Metal roofing has a reputation for being the go-to choice in commercial roofing, but homeowners can take advantage of the benefits a metal roof has to offer as well. Ask yourself if you could benefit from any of the following advantages a metal roof could offer as you shop for a new roof for your home.

1. These Roofs Are Cost-Effective

It might not seem as though the cost is an advantage of metal roofing when you see that the cost of installing this material is higher than the installation costs associated with other roofing materials.

However, while you may spend more up-front for a metal roof, you will end up saving a significant amount of money over the life of your roof when you opt for a metal roof.

Metal roofs require a lot less maintenance than other roofing systems. For example, you won't have to worry about shingles becoming damaged or loose as your roof ages when you install metal materials. You can also eliminate the cost of regular sealing from your maintenance budget when your home's roof is made from metal.

Talk to your roofing contractor to learn more about the ways a metal roof could save you money in the future.

2. These Roofs Are Durable

Standing seam metal roofs are extremely durable. This durability can be beneficial when it comes to extending the life of your residential roofing system.

Metal roofs are capable of withstanding exposure to rain, snow, and hail without sustaining any serious damage. Precipitation tends to slide right off the surface of a metal roof, which can help prevent leaks.

Installation methods for metal roofing can also help reduce the risk of leaks. Fasteners, not nails, are used to affix metal panels to your home's roof. Since fasteners are used, the likelihood of your metal roof springing a leak is lower.

3. These Roofs Are Energy Efficient

The type of roof on your home can have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of your residence as a whole. Metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials available on the market today. This efficiency can be attributed to a metal roof's ability to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it.

By reflecting the sun's rays, a metal roof can help prevent heat transfer in your home. Experts estimate that you could reduce your cooling costs by up to 40% just by installing a metal roof on your home.

If you choose a metal roof with a specialized coating, your savings could be even greater. Some metal roofing materials are coated with a highly-reflective pigment that enhances the natural solar reflectiveness of a metal roof and significantly reduces the overall surface temperature of the roof over time.

A metal roof can help keep your home's interior cool and comfortable while reducing your reliance on an air conditioning system. 

Metal roofing can transform the appearance and function of your home. You will be able to enjoy a modern, energy-efficient, and low maintenance roofing system when you opt for a metal roof when replacing your home's existing roofing materials.

An experienced roofing contractor will be able to recommend a metal roofing system that will protect your home and improve your living conditions over time. Consider the ways that you will benefit from a metal roof, and you will be able to see why a metal roof is a wise investment. To learn more, contact a residential roofing company.