Keeping Your Home's Roof In Good Condition

A homeowner that is neglecting to effectively manage their roof can find themselves faced with the prospects of having to pay for major repair work to be done. While roofing maintenance is an essential aspect of being a responsible homeowner, it does not have to be an overwhelming responsibility.

Stop Moss From Growing

Moss growing on the exterior of the roof can be a major problem, but homeowners will often fail to correct it due to enjoying its appearance. This can expose the roof to a far greater risk of suffering major damage as the moss can trap water against the roof, which can promote rot, shingle deterioration, and other structural problems. Luckily, it is fairly easy to remove moss that is growing on a roof. A pressure washer can make this difficult work fairly quick to do as it will be able to remove the moss without the need for harsh chemicals or intensive scrubbing.

Inspect The Roof's Flashing

You may have noticed metal along certain areas of the roof. This flashing is designed to help prevent drafts and moisture leaks from occurring near where there may be small gaps. For example, it is extremely common for flashing to be used around the base of the chimney as this can stop rainwater from leaking in around these edges. Unfortunately, flashing will fail at some point due to corrosion, storm damage, or warping.  Fortunately, flashing can be easy to replace, but homeowners that wait too long to have this preventative work done can find themselves faced with substantial interior water damage.

Act Quickly When A Leak Is Discovered

At some point, you may notice that a leak has formed in your roof. Most often, this will be manifest in you noticing water dripping from the ceiling or water stains developing. At the first sign of these problems, a roofing contractor should be contacted to repair the leak. Homeowners may fail to appreciate the seriousness of this problem as a small leak may not seem like it could cause extensive damage to the home. However, these leaks can allow the roof and its supports to rot. It may also create conditions that lead to the growth of large amounts of mold. Additionally, quickly repairing this problem may allow for the roof to simply be patched, but delays can allow enough of the roof to rot that the home may need to undergo a far more disruptive and expensive total roof replacement.

For more tips, reach out to a roofing company near you.