Need New Rain Gutters? Follow These Tips

Rain gutters are an under-appreciated part of your home. They collect water that runs off the roof and directs that water into the yard. This protects your roof, and it also protects your home's foundation as it ensures water doesn't drip down the side of the home to the foundation. Since gutters are so important, you need to take the time to think and plan before replacing them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare to replace your gutters.

1. If you can afford it, opt for seamless gutters.

There are a few different kinds of gutters to choose from. Standard, traditional gutters are made from several connected sections of aluminum of steel tubing. These work acceptably well, but gunk does tend to get caught on the seams, which limits drainage and makes it important to clean these gutters quite often. Seamless gutters are different. They are made on-site, and they are one cohesive piece. The lack of seams reduces debris buildup. Seamless gutters are more expensive, but if you can afford them, they're worth it. If you're on a tight budget, though, standard seemed gutters can serve you perfectly well.

2. Steer clear of vinyl if you live in a windy area.

Vinyl gutters have become pretty popular in recent years because they do not need to be painted, come in many colors, and do not rust or corrode like metal gutters. However, they are only a good choice if you don't live in a windy area. In a windy area, a tree branch or other debris could easily blog into the vinyl gutter and crack it, rendering it useless. Metal is a better choice if you get wind!

3. Pay attention to downspout placement.

When you hire a gutter installation company, they will typically come up with a plan for placing the gutters. You should not have to do very much as the homeowner. However, you should check where they've decided to locate the downspouts and make sure those places are convenient for you. You don't want them to have planned a downspout for a certain corner, only for you to realize you were going to install an air conditioner in that same corner and now you can't.

With the tips above, you can do a better, more thorough job of planning for your gutter installation service. Talk to a residential roof repair contractor to learn more.