Four Services To Get With Your Roof Replacement

Certain services are expected with a roof replacement. Others are optional but can be added on at a low cost if they are done during the new installation process. The following are four of the most important of these services that you need to make sure are part of your roof installation package.

1. Flashing Replacement

Flashing is the metal strips that are placed around chimneys or as a seal down the valleys in the roof. They are typically made of aluminum, but sometimes other materials are used. For a full roof replacement, the flashing will have to be removed and replaced, typically with new flashing. If you are only have part of a roof replaced, though, perhaps because of storm damage, then only the flashing in the damaged area must be replaced. Unfortunately, flashing is more likely to suffer damage than shingles, so all the flashing should be assessed even if only a small area is damaged. Ask your roofer to inspect all the flashing and to replace as needed to avoid problems later.

2. Vent and Chimney Cap Inspection

The vents and chimneys on your roof need to be unobstructed so they work properly, but they also need screens or caps on them so that birds, small animals, and debris can't get inside. Many roofing companies will inspect these rooftop items at the time of the installation so that they can repair or replace damaged or missing caps and screens, but it is important to verify ahead of time that this is included with the roof replacement package.

3. Moss Prevention

Moss on the roof traps moisture, which can cause shingles to degrade more quickly and can cause leaks to form. The moss tends to grow on roofs that are heavily shaded or that are on the north side of the home. If your roof had moss growth issues before the replacement, then your new roof is likely to develop the same problem. Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent moss -- zinc roofing strips. These strips are installed near the peak of the roof. Moisture from dew and rain slowly leaches the zinc out of the strip, where it creates an invisible coating on the shingles below that will prevent moss growth. Request to have the strips installed at the time of installation.

4. Yard Cleanup

No roof replacement is without debris, and every new roof job should include property cleanup. It's easy to tell that the large pieces of debris -- shingles, roofing paper, and boards -- are cleaned up, but hundreds of roofing nails can end up hidden in the grass. Verify that the roofers will use a large magnet tool to collect all the nails at the end of the job. In fact, don't turn over the final payment until you have seen them sweep the yard for nails to ensure the task is completed.

Contact a roof installation service for more help.