Roofing Installation: What You Should Expect

Roofs often need to be replaced after several decades. The timeframe will depend on the type of roofing material, but asphalt, which is the most popular material, generally requires replacement after roughly 20 years. If it is not replaced, the asphalt shingles will deteriorate, leak, and allow moisture to reach the roof deck, leading to structural issues. The installation of a roof is a huge task and can be quite the stressful event, particularly if you have never experienced it. To help smooth things over a bit, here is what you can expect.

Delivery of Materials

To help ensure the roof replacement process is a bit more streamlined, the contractor is likely to have most of the materials delivered directly to your home several days before work begins. He or she will inform you of the estimate day and time so that you will be expecting the delivery.

Noise and Vibrations

You can expect the installation process to be quite loud, and in most cases, your home will likely shake. If you have kids or pets, you won't want them to be in the home while the installation is taking place. In fact, it isn't recommended for anyone to be in the home, and the contractor will recommend that everyone stay somewhere else. For instance, you may want to stay at a friend or family member's home. Because of the loud noise, you may want to be respectful and inform your neighbors of what is going on in case they wish to make adjustments to their schedule.


Due to the various movement on your roof, you can expect for dust and debris to scatter outdoors, some of which may get inside the home. To ensure your possessions are protected, cover any delicate or fragile items with a dust cloth. If you are worried about something falling or breaking, take it down. Your yard is likely to be impacted by flying debris, so if there is anything that can be damaged like patio furniture, potted plants, or vehicles, make sure it is moved to a safe location.

If you believe it is time for your home to get a new roof, the aforementioned are a few of the things that you can expect during the new installation. For more information on what you can expect and how you can prepare for the roof installation, reach out to some local contractors with your questions or visit websites like