Commonly Missed Roofing Problems And Concerns: When To Get The Shingles Replaced

Some roofing complications are obvious, while others can be more difficult to see. If you have some black streaks on the shingles of your roof, a sand mixture in the gutters, or bubbles on the shingles, these need attention from a roofing contractor.

The roofing contractors will evaluate the damages on the outside and the inside of the roof to see what repairs are needed. Here are some overlooked roofing problems you need to pay attention to.

Black Streaks

People often think white cloudy marks and green discoloration are the only signs of mold and water problems, but black mold is a common problem with roofing systems. If you see black streaks going down the roof on any side, this indicates that you have a black mold problem that needs to be treated immediately.

Mold damage can require even the trusses to be replaced during the roofing project. This also indicates there is water damage that needs to be treated under the shingles.

Sand in the Gutters

If it looks like there is sand or fine dirt in the gutters, this is particles from the shingles. This means the shingles have worn and are crumbling over time with wind and weathering.

You need to get shingle replacement, so you have the protection necessary for your roof. This won't just be apparent in the gutters but can also contribute to gutter clogging.

Bubbles on Shingles

If the shingles are bubbling during high-temperature seasons, and because of ventilation problems and then popping, the shingles are exposing the roof to many problems. The bubbles on the shingles can be a very serious problem, and the shingles aren't the only things that will need to be repaired.

The ventilation system will need to be considered and may need to be improved to prevent heat from getting trapped. This may mean another roofing vent or new gables.

Replacing the shingles and improving the roof will also improve the heating and cooling efficiency. The roofing contractors that come to give quotes will let you know what internal and external updates and repairs are needed.  

If full roof replacement is needed it may be time to get new insulation for the roof and to make sure that you explore all new roofing material options like metal. Compare the quotes that you get from different companies to determine what is the most cost-efficient, and what you get for the money with each company's quote.

For more information on roof replacement and repair, reach out to a roofing contractor near you.