Your Vinyl Siding Questions Answered

Deciding that you are going to invest in having siding applied to your home's exterior can be a hard choice for a homeowner to make. Unfortunately, some homeowners will struggle with deciding whether this is a good upgrade for them. The answers to the questions below can help with this decision.

Does Vinyl Siding Offer Protection To The Exterior?

The assumption that vinyl siding will only be able to offer aesthetic benefits can be a belief that might lead some homeowners away from investing in this upgrade. However, placing siding on your home's exterior can also provide some sizable benefits to the structure. For example, the siding will offer a substantial amount of protection to the exterior by preventing water from coming into contact with the exterior. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of pest damage occurring by also serving as a protective barrier against a variety of pests that will commonly target homes.

Will You Be Able To Change The Color Of The Siding?

While you may love the color of your new siding, there may be a day when you will want to change the color scheme of the home's exterior. In these situations, you will be able to change the color of your siding by having it painted. Painting siding will be different than painting a standard home exterior due to the need to use paints that are formulated to be used on vinyl siding. Using standard paint on these surfaces can be less than ideal as it will likely peel due to not properly bonding to the surface. Luckily, most of the colors that are commonly used for home exteriors will be available in a formula that can be used on vinyl siding.

Are Permanent Changes Needed To Have Siding Installed?

While the addition of vinyl siding to a home can substantially alter its appearance, it should be noted that this will be reversible. It is possible for the vinyl siding to be removed so that the home's original appearance will be restored. While a homeowner may assume that removing the vinyl siding will be something they can do on their own, it is not advisable. It can be possible to damage the exterior by attempting to remove the panels on your own, and you can also put yourself at a greater risk of injury. The costs of having professionals remove vinyl siding will be relatively low compared to the costs that repairing exterior damage can entail.

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