A Clean Roof Increases The Curb Appeal Of Your Home And May Help Sell Your House

It's important for the exterior of your home to have an attractive and well-kept appearance when you put it on the market. The appearance of your home from the street gives potential buyers a good or bad impression of your house before they even go inside. A dirty roof can be cause for concern since it makes your house look neglected. If your roof is covered with tree debris or algae, consider hiring a roof cleaning service to get it clean again. Here's how a clean roof helps sell your home and the type of cleaning it may need.

Why A Clean Roof Can Help Sell Your Home

A dirty roof that's covered with algae is a confusing sight for potential buyers who may not know much about roofs or home maintenance. They may think the roof has severe damage or that the dark streaks are areas of rot. Your roof can be in excellent shape, but buyers may still be leery of it because it looks dark and dirty.

Also, a dirty roof is a sign of a roof that hasn't been maintained, and buyers might wonder if you've taken good care of the rest of your home. When your roof is clean, buyers won't have these concerns upon the first look at your house. They can approach your house with a neutral mindset rather than worry over what other problems your house has.

How Roof Cleaning May Be Done

Roof cleaning involves two parts. The first is to clear off twigs, branches, and clumps of leaves. If you have a flat roof, debris on the roof can be an ongoing problem, and you want to make sure it's cleared off so buyers won't wonder if they'll constantly be dealing with tree debris on the roof.

Next, the roof is washed if needed. Some types of roofing may tolerate pressure washing, but roof cleaning companies often use a soft washing technique on roofs that have coatings or granules so the roof isn't damaged. Soft washing includes the use of chemical cleaners that break up dirt and algae so it can be rinsed away using low pressure. Washing the roof can make the roof look new again, and that's appealing to buyers.

During the process of cleaning, the roofer can check for signs of damage to shingles or tiles so repairs can be done if needed. This gets your roof in good shape so it will pass the home inspection that will be done as part of the selling process.

Most types of roofs can be cleaned to get rid of algae and pollution buildup. However, roof cleaning is dangerous since wet roofing is slippery. Plus, washing a roof has to be done in a way that ensures your roof isn't damaged. Hiring a roofer is a good idea so you get the best results with the lowest risk to your roof.