Questions to Ask Potential Roofers

If you notice that the rain and melting snow outside is somehow making it into your house through the roof, it is time to contact a roofer. As an intelligent, responsible consumer, you know you need to talk with a few roofers before deciding which one to hire. While finances are going to come into play at some point, there are also other things you need to take into consideration. Go ahead, contact the roofers, have them come to your home to inspect the roof and then provide you with a quote on how much the repair is going to cost. Then, before signing a contract with one of them, ask the following questions.

How Will They Protect Your Yard and Property?

Unfortunately, things are going to fall off the roof. It could be small roofing nails, or it could be roofing tiles or even pieces of lumber. You need to know that the roofers have a plan for protecting your yard and anything that may be around the roofline while they are working. After the work is done, they need to be sure to go round the entire yard and pick up anything that had fallen. In most cases, they will bring a large magnet to pick up nails and such.

What Exactly Are They Going to Do?

While looking at the prices on the quotes, you may notice that some roofers have listed different things they will be doing. That could be why their price is higher than the others. This may seem like a good thing. However, you need to ask them — all of them — what exactly they will be doing. Then ask them why they are doing it. The company that is doing more may be doing more than is necessary. You shouldn't pay to have things done that are not needed. Of course, they may be able to justify why some things need to be done. Then the questions will be to the ones who are not doing the whole job as needed. 

How Long Will It Take?

You need to know how long the job is going to take. It would be a good idea to take a good look at the weather forecast for the time you plan on having the roofers working. They cannot work in the rain as it is too dangerous. You do not want them to get started and have to stop midway through because of rain.

Do not be afraid to question a roofing contractor. Ask them whatever you want until you are comfortable they will be the best option for the job.

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