Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repair? Know What To Look Out For

Diagnosing if your roof is in need of repair can be quite difficult. That's why you need to know what signs to look out for that could indicate the need to have a roofing contractor repair the roof and prevent further damage from occurring.

Interior Inspection

Start by taking a look at the inside of your building and look for any signs that you might have a damaged roof. The most obvious indication is going to be water that has penetrated the roof's surface and gotten into the ceiling on the top floor. You may see signs of water damage, with dark areas on the ceiling, peeling paint, and things of that nature. 

Sometimes you cannot easily see the damage inside the building. There may be signs of structural distress, such as cracks along the ceiling due to too much weight being put on one spot. There can also be mold in places where you cannot see it. Thankfully, you can test for mold in the air with a simple mold testing kit.

Exterior Inspection

When looking at the exterior of your roof, you want to make sure that there are no interruptions in the roofing material covering the surface. Everything should be smooth and flat, with no signs of roofing material that is missing. Even if the material is all there, you may have cracks in the roofing material that is allowing water to come through. If you have a flat roof then you should look for signs of ponding water, which can indicate an area where the roofing material may be worn down more than other areas. 

Any place where something sticks out of your roof is worth inspecting as well. Any ventilation pipe should have flashing material around it that will prevent water from getting underneath the surface of the roof. If the flashing material is cracked, missing, or pulled back from the surface, it will need to be repaired. 

Pay attention to the gutters as well, since this is how water gets off the surface of the roof. There should be no obstructions that prevent water from getting into the gutters and to the downspouts. Even cracked gutters can lead to water getting into the roof's fascia boards and causing water damage.

If you think you are in need of commercial roof repair, reach out to a contractor in your area for assistance. They'll perform an official inspection and give you an estimate of how much it will cost to have the roof repaired.