Notice Your Roof Has Different Colored Shingles? What To Do Now

If you can see the shingles on the top of your house are all different colors and there are streaks of white, a roofing contractor should do an assessment of your property. As the shingles age, they can become a liability on the top of your property, and if you can see weathering problems on the outside it's likely that there are issues on the interior of the roof as well. Here are some of the things to talk with your roofing contractor about so you can prevent further damage to your home.

Amount of Damaged Shingles

Aside of the house that is affected by weathering because of the wind or home location can have the most damage, while the other side of the roof has shingles in still condition. The roofing company will do an assessment to see how damaged the shingles are, what needs to be replaced, and what the cost will be to put the new shingles you pick out on the home.

Wood Truss Damage

Under the shingles is the wood truss frame to the home. If the wood has been exposed to water over time because of a leaking roof and because of the shingles letting water in, the roof and house are at risk. Expanded ice could have damaged the wood, along with rodents, insects and other problems related to the damaged shingles.

Insulation and Ventilation Concerns

If the water got into insulation or is stagnate in ventilation areas these are other problems that will need to be addressed. Talk with the roofing service professional about installing more gables or air vents if they think the humidity is a problem throughout the attic and roof. You also may want to put new insulation throughout the roof to help with your heating and cooling efficiency and to protect against water damages.

The discoloration on the shingles is most likely more than sun damage, especially if your roof is decades old. You don't want to waste time waiting for a large leak or problem, and instead of getting the problem fixed while you notice subtle problems can save you in the long run.

Get an estimate and find out if it's time to get roofing services, a new base and trusses, and if the roof needs new insulation and other components. This is an improvement that improves your home value and safety, and also makes the house look better.