Knowing When the Time Has Come to Replace Worn Roofing

It is a good idea to have your roof inspected annually to know when it is time to have repairs done. Inspection of your roof will also help you identify signs of roof wear and know when it is time to have the worn shingles on your roof replaced. The following tips will help you with inspecting the roof to decide if minor problems can be repaired or if it is time to have a roof replacement done:

1. Looking for Signs of Leaks Inside Your Home 

The biggest signs of roof damage and wear that may require replacement are the leaks that you may see inside your home. If there are any areas of your home with watermarks on the ceiling, you want to check the roof and look for leaks in these areas. Also, there may be signs of leaks and wear at the soffit of eaves, which can be problems that go unnoticed until they cause serious damage to your home.

2. Inspecting Shingles for Signs of Severe Storm Damage

Sometimes, the shingles on your roof may have severe storm damage from wind and hail during severe weather. These are problems that may cause you to need a roof replacement sooner than expected. Also, there are the common signs of roof wear due to shingles that have lost the granules, are deformed, or have problems due to shade from trees and moss growing on them.

3. Checking the Roofing at the Gutters, Flashing, Roof Vents, and More

There are some areas of your roof that are more prone to wear and problems with leaks. These areas include the roofing at the eaves and gutters, flashing in valleys and the boots that seal penetrations from roof vents. You can sometimes patch the leaks around these vulnerable areas, but if there are excessive wear and problems, it is probably time to have a roof replacement done and replace these materials.

4. Deciding When Repairs Have Become Too Much and You Need a Roof Replacement

If your roof has old repairs where shingles have been replaced or repaired by patching, these are some of the areas that you will want to inspect. Sometimes, the patches that were done with roofing cement can fail, and they may need to be repaired again. If there are a lot of repairs on your roof that constantly need maintenance, it may be better to go ahead and have the shingles replaced to end the constant repairs that are often needed with old roof repairs.

These are some tips to help with the inspection of your roof to determine if it can be repaired or if the wear is too severe and it needs to be replaced. If you need help with inspecting your roof and installation of new shingles, contact a residential roof replacement service to help you decide if the time has come to have new roofing installed.