Answers About Your Roof

There are a lot of things you should know about your roof in order to protect it and know that you aren't going to end up with major problems due to accidental neglect of repair issues and other possible problems. Read here and you'll likely find a lot of answers to some of the questions you may have.

 What are some of the things to look for after a storm?

When there is a bad storm, there are many ways roofs can be damaged. You'll want to know about some of the things you can look for easily that may lead you know the integrity of your roof may have been compromised. One thing to look for are large branches near your home. If you find any, it may mean they made their way on the ground after first falling on the roof. If this is a possibility, then consider having the roof looked at. More obvious signs that there has truly been damage done include things like roofing material like shingles in the yard or seeing missing or broken shingles or tiles on the roof. You may see damage to the gutter as well. Spotting water in the home where it shouldn't be or seeing signs of water on the ceiling means you have a leak that needs immediate repairing.

Does a bad leak mean a new roof?

If you have a pretty severe leak in your roof, you may automatically assume you need a whole new roof, and you may. However, a bad leak doesn't automatically mean you need to replace the entire roof. Some of the things a roofer will look at in order to determine whether you should have a new one put on will include the amount of roof that's damaged, the age of the roof, the materials used on the roof, and the severity of the damage.

Why can't you replace your roof yourself?

If you aren't a roofer, then you don't realize just how much of an undertaking this would be. Replacing your roof as an inexperienced person is a bad idea for many reasons. Some of the reasons include the many dangers of working on a roof and carrying supplies up a ladder, spending more money than you would have had you hired a roofer, voiding warranties, and causing more problems in the long run that will need to be corrected by an actual roofer. Contact a company like Island Roofing to learn more.