Pros And Cons Of Traditional, 3-Tab Shingles

Shingles have come a long way in recent years. No longer are 3-tab shingles the only ones you can buy. Many roofers now preferentially install architectural shingles. There are even shingles made to look like wood shakes! But this does not mean 3-tab shingles are entirely outdated and no longer have a place in the roofing market. They aren't the right roofing choice for everyone, but they do suit some scenarios quite well.

3 Tips For Choosing Commercial Roofers

When your roof shows wear and tear, you know it's time to repair or replace it. You could try to do the work yourself, but you'll get better results working with commercial roofers. However, the market is flooded with many commercial roofing companies so you need to pick the best one for your situation. You need to work with qualified commercial roofers to get the best solution for your roof, but how do you choose?

How To Spot Residential Roofing Problems

Spotting residential roofing problems early can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Every homeowner should watch for these four signs that something may be wrong with their place's roof. Leaks All leaks are bad. The first signs of a leak may be stains on the walls of the ceilings of the second-story rooms. If an especially bad leak is present, you could see water dripping during heavy storms.

When Do You Need A Flat Roof Repair Service For Weather Damage?

Whether it's heavy rain, strong winds, or scorching sun, Mother Nature can do a number on your roof. And when your roof goes, so does your business. This is more true today when there are increased extreme weather events, including unusually hot summers and more severe storms. But the good news is that a flat roof repair service can help you fix the damage and keep your business running smoothly. Here are some examples of weather damage to a flat roof and how a flat roof repair service can fix them.

4 Ways Architecture's Shingles Beat The Regular Shingles At Roofing

The holidays are typically the best time of the year to assess all you have done to improve yourself and your home. So, if you have been taking stock, you have probably assessed your roof and are wondering whether it is time for a replacement. However, with the countless materials in the market, choosing the ideal one for your needs is challenging. If this is the case, here are reasons you should consider the high-dimensional shingles for the next project.